Papenhausen Hardware
32 West Portal Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94127


Mon – Sat — 9:00a – 5:30p
Sundays — 10:00a – 4:00p

May 27 —- CLOSED

About Us
Papenhausen Hardware is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, carefully selected high quality products at reasonable prices, in a well organized store. Our goal is never to be satisfied with how we are doing, but always looking to how we can improve on every single customer experience.
Opened in 1936
Papenhausen has been a staple of West Portal almost as long as the streetcars. Sold only twice in its long history, it remains a family owned independent hardware store that is dedicated to strengthening its connection to the community.
Carefully Chosen Selection
We continually search for products that are relevant, innovative, and reasonably priced. Our selection consists of items that we use ourselves or have come highly recommended for the homes in our neighborhood.

If you ever have a problem with something we sell, please tell us; we will replace it or give you a refund and we want to hear about your experience.

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